Upside Down Artificial Christmas Trees

A Wide Selection of Upside Down Artificial Christmas Trees For Sale

Upside down Christmas trees are an Eastern European tradition which started as a religious symbol.  They are hung from the ceiling, making them an ideal space-saving solution in the modern home.  We're delighted to offer a huge range of upside down Christmas trees, all at rock bottom prices.  Take a look at our range of upside down artificial Christmas trees below and take advantage of some fantastic offers.

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The first recorded upside down Christmas tree dates back to 1500s in the Latvian capital, Riga.  Decorated with flowers and food representing abundance, these early trees were symbolic of the Garden of Eden's paradise tree.  Upside down Christmas trees remain a popular tradition in Poland and the Ukraine.

Upside down artificial Christmas trees are traditionally decorated with ribbons and candy wrapped in shiny paper, nuts, fruit and gold-painted pine cones.  In Krakow they often feature pears, apples and gingerbread.  They are often hung over the dinner table, though not until Christmas Eve.  The sweet treats adorning the tree are traditionally eaten by traditionally eaten by carollers and children on what we call Boxing Day here in the UK.

An upside down artificial Christmas tree is the perfect solution for those with pets or children to keep ornaments and wires out of harm's way.  Another plus is the abundance of space under the tree to accommodate packages and presents.

Artificial Christmas Trees UK are delighted to offer exclusive offers on upside down artificial Christmas trees by home delivery.  Why brave the crowds and elements this Christmas when you can choose the perfect tree for you from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered right to your door?  Please note that these exclusive offers sell out fast so buy now to avoid disappointment and bag yourself your perfect Christmas tree today!